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e. hello@designsnotdead.com

Everyone is “zero” to begin with. A blank piece of canvas. Each individual being has the freedom to create thus express their unique style of work. Question mark my life (pun intended). One never stops asking in the continuing quest to learn and grow. And these questions become my guidelines in my creations of the straight-laced and the novel.

At times, I spend hours doodling, snapping pictures or be engrossed in what the internet offers. This allows me to get inspired and help put to good use in my creations.

My hooves have trodded the realms of Adobe (Photoshop / Illustrator) and the understand of programming languages of HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery and mySQL database. I’ve worked on projects; to name a few, DHL, MTV Asia & Nickelodeon, Samsung, Starhub, Standard Chartered Bank, LTA, MOH, Heineken and Yahoo.

With more than 10yrs experience under the company name of Designs Not Dead and multiple projects under the company name of Engine Studios as an Art Director, leave your project in safe hands.

Feel free to get in touch for any freelance or collaboration projects. Hear from you soon!